The Brief: 

Following our visual and sonic rebrand of Thompsons Solicitors Scotland, our next challenge was to increase the reach and effectiveness of their TV, Radio, Social and Digital advertising. 

Thompsons needed to cut-through the clutter of daytime TV ads in a meaningful and relevant way that would dispel some public cynicism that “all personal injury solicitors are the same”. 

The Thinking: 

Thompsons is a solicitor firm with a unique history. Formed from the trade union movement, they don’t simply win compensation, they change legislation.  A firm with both legal excellence and a social conscience. We had to buck the trend of their PI category’s cliché advertising. 

Thompsons’ point of difference from other Personal Injury solicitors is they never represent insurance firms, employers or guilty parties. We needed to communicate this key benefit in a fresh, distinctive and compelling way.   

“Always on your side”

The Answer: 

We saw this as a memorable way to dramatize Thompsons point of difference from other solicitor firms that represent both parties in Personal Injury cases.   Combined with a new, animated character and live-action TV ad, we created a ‘YOUR SIDE’ ambigram to communicate how, no matter what way you look at it, Thompsons are only ever on your side. Our media plan delivered a highly efficient, targeted reach across radio, social, digital, linear and non-linear TV channels. The distinctiveness and media planning of our campaign saw Thompsons unprompted awareness more than double in key regions and increase PI enquiries.