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Our audio services connect brands and audiences, helping them tell their story in a way that no other media can. We cover all aspects of audio – from concept to ideology, right through to production and execution.  We have produced podcasts for 100’s of clients from a range of sectors including the NHS, RAF, BBC, Experian, Sports Direct, Paralympics GB and Visit Angus.

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Audio content covers a range of marketing mediums from podcasts to AI- powered skills. The increase in audio content consumption cannot be denied. The introduction of an audio strategy can help boost your brand awareness, build connections with your audience and set you apart from the competition.  



people are listening to podcasts every week in the UK.  

The average person in the UK listens to


hours of online content every week. 

“50% of UK homes now have Smart Speakers – that’s 30m+ adults”

The world of communication is changing at a rapid rate and finding the right platforms to reach your audience is vital in achieving success in your marketing campaigns.  

Building audio into your strategy can help future-proof your brand and open you up to connect with new audiences. With over 19 million people listening to podcasts every week and podcast consumption set to increase across the next six months, it makes perfect sense to start considering how you can make audio work for your brand and audience.  

Audio connects you and your audience in a way no other media can. It can be consumed anytime, anywhere across all devices meaning the opportunities are endless.  


Podcasts can cover almost any topic and be flexible in terms of duration and production. 

Most listeners engage with podcasts to be informed or entertained and are most commonly listened to alone, with 94% of people stating they listen to podcasts when alone.  

Your brand can produce a podcast series to build a relationship with consumers in this uniquely immersive environment. Podcasts give your brand the opportunity to showcase your brand personality and develop a deeper connection with your audience by giving your brand a voice to communicate your values, drive loyalty or simply produce something entertaining to enhance brand equity. 

Podcast advertising drives stronger brand recall. Host read ads drive a brand recall rate of



of regular podcast listeners talk to friends and family about what they heard.

Short form audio  

Short form content “minipods” are usually 30 seconds to 3 minutes long and give audiences informative, compelling and concise content that can be shared easy across social media platforms.  

Short form content is a great way to capture the attention of those who are always on the go while increasing your brand awareness through sharing. 

To get the most from the audio content you create you must make sure it can be found and heard by;  

Optimising organic discoverability.


Considering paid for campaigns to reach new audiences.


Creating compelling content that engages your target audience.

Smart Speaker Skills 

38% of UK households now have a smart speaker. That’s around 25 million people in the UK engaging with this technology. 

Developing a branded Alexa Skill or Google Action can offer consumers the latest news and information in a convenient way. This is a great way to introduce your brand into your audience’s everyday life.  

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