Digital Out of Home

Digital out of home owes its rapid growth to the versatility of the medium. With the power to change content dynamically based on data such as who is looking, how many people are looking, or the age of the viewers makes advertisers messages contextual and relevant.

Combine this with the wide reach of an already well-established network of OOH and DOOH signage and you’ve got yourself a formula for advertising success.


With a striking, 3 HD screen the iVan delivers your brand massage with a huge impact. The van can get into places traditional advertising can’t reach.


iWalker technology enables your messaging to move with its audience. Unlike static media, its intelligent wearable design with facial detection delivers the right audience, where other media can’t reach.


Designed to be deployed in seconds, iProjector is a lightweight, wearable projection advertising device that lets you beam imagery wherever your target audience may be.

Brand Ambassadors

An ambassador is there to champion your brand. With the charisma to turn attention into engagement, out ambassadors are the beating heart of our Out of Home advertising.

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